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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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thought it was a good thing. >> thought the city is progressive and trying to meet a need. >> the city attorney in a year said a third of the money collected was not spent on health care. he's sending outleters to more than 50 restaurants. >> worst offenders must remit any amount to the city and county of san ran. to fund fewer enforcement of health care and other laws. >> state assemblyman amiano calls cheating criminal. >> that is larceny. you know? that is not ethical. and doesn't help the reputation of restaurants near san francisco. >> the city won't name the restaurants under investigation. city attorney says he wants to give them amnesty if they come clean and pay what they owe. but the head of the golden gate restaurant association says he's relying on reports
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filled out from restaurants themselves. >> i would say about 90% of the people i've talked to misreported the form. they just didn't know how to complete it. they didn't include costs associated with business that they should have included and i think there is going to be people who can show it's just reporting error. >> we have the reports, well werk have the comp pillation of the reports. this is all 177 of the restaurants. there are big discrepancies on this list. one company charged half a million dollars. and there is no explanation of what happened here to remaining money. sit in a bank account? somewhere employees will be able to get to it? there is a lot we don't know. we'll know more once the city attorney completes his investigation. >> more questions than answers. thank you. a year long battle over the fate of a north bay
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oyster farm moved to med federal court this, may be the farm's final chance for survival. the u.s. park service ordered et out by mid february. abc 7 news joins us live now outside of the oakland courtroom where a judge was asked to step in. laura? >> yes. hi. well, drake's bay is seeking a temporary injunction to keep the operation open beyond a february 28th deadline for it to clochls a judge here heard arguments on both sides late into the afternoon. >> new, it's waiting time. >> owner kevin will have to wait a little while longer to find out if the drake's bay oyster farm will stay open past next month. >> are you hopeful it will stay open? >> absolutely hopeful. we think this is a matter of law wex think our attorneys did an amazing job. >> in a courtroom packed with drake's bay supporters a judge heard two hours of arguments
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but did not issue a ruling for a temporary injunction that would keep the farm open longer. as it is now, interior secretary kenneth salazar ordered the operation shut down by farm supporters say what is illegal. in 1976, congress designated the larger drake's estero a few you're protected area and announced the u.s. park service fwhot renew the lease. it's a move supported by several environmental groups. >> they just bought the place seven years ago and well aware of the deadline. now, it's time to return it to taxpayer who's would like to see the area protected. >> if it closes 31 employees will lose jobs, about half of those live on the report. and they would have to move. >> this is a big part of our community. you snow we're going to lose jobs there. we're going to lose a clean, sustainable source of food.
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>> now in, her questioning here today, the judge seemed to be focusing on whether her court has jurisdiction to review a discretion nairy decision made by secretary sala scar. she did not skate when her written ruling might be issued. >> a 38-year-old man is in custody tonight after police found marijuana plants growing in his house. this is a picture of of part of the seizure. he is in jail tonight facing charges of illegal marijuana cull vacation. >> the case of a father accused of killing a man who reportedly forced his daughter into prostitution. the girl's mother and two others are also on trial for that shooting. vic lee has more for us. vick? >> the preliminary hearing has
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begun, prosecutors say this was a vigilante murder the parents took the law into their hands and killed her pimp. lawyers for the defendants say they're convinced the clients will be acquitted. >> eric sapphire represents the father the woman he says was forced into ross stit yugs by a 22-year-old calvin snead. the attorney for the girl's mother. >> she was very concerned. she did everything she could to try to coach her daughter not to stay with this man. >> everything he said except murder. the prosecution sees it differently oo. there was a plan. and the plan was executed. he was hunted down on the streets and shot, dead. >> investigators say snead just brought the girl from l.a. to her parents home in the bay view on june 3. the girl reportedly called him
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the next day and asked that he pick her up at home. snead was shot to death in his car near the house. prosecutors say surveillance video the day of the murder shows the father and other two suspects meeting on the 1400 block of grove street. they say one suspect rented a car in l.a. and drove it to san francisco. and that the video shows that the driver meeting the girl's father and nephew who drove up in another car. >> there are tl is clear video of them coming together, then, leaving the scene. >> the complaint says they drove and waited for snead and when he arrived, guilton shot him in the head. the d.a.says the father tried unsuccessfully once to kill snead in los angeles. >> we have been able to place him near the location of a shooting occurred in l.a. where our victim was the victim of that particular
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crime. >> well, one ironic footnote. a source close to this investigation tells abc 7 news two defendants are associated with a street gang called cdp which is involved in, among other things, prostitution. the preliminary hearing is skekted to continue into march. vic lee abc 7 news. >> passengers on board an ac transit bus had to take cover because the bus was riddled with gunfire. stray bullets dpraim a shooting in a gas station in oakland. nobody was hurt but passengers were showered with brecken glass. police have yet to determine motive for the shooting since both disappeared. an officer involved shooting this morning is under investigation. by the sheriff office police say it starred with a call of a man acting strangely.
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they say the man charged at him with a knife. and neighbors tell abc 7 news that man has a history of erratic behavior. >> only a select number of ticket olders got the chance to buy tickets and they lined up today. many arrived not knowing where they fit or how much they'd have to pay. >> i'm pumped, yeah. wow. i got my tickets. >> probably not going to be real until we land but... i mean, it's closer. so we're excited. >> i am jacked up. i've been trying to figure out all week whether i want to sell or keep them. but my friends are telling me i've got to go. i've got to go. screw it, i'm going and i don't care about the money, i'm a fan. i'm going. >> you've got to put money
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aside on this one. one man paid 1900s thadz only gets you inside of the super dome. fans still have to pay for everything from getting to new orleans to hotel rooms and meal autos 49ers spoke with the media before jetting off to new orleans. they will leave on sunday, bound for super bowl on february 3. we are live in santa clara in front front of the future home of the 49ers they'd like to build a big case down there. >> they would. you know, and because of the excited fans, there is a lot on the line for this team. this is their chance to win a super bowl. first since 1995. 49ers practicing for the super bowl against atlanta. coach says players have been hard at work. >> studying for the test. preparing for challenge and task at hand. what we're going to do today. what our expectations are for
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today. >> this is the next to last practice before heading to new orleans. harbaugh says the team is fired up. most of the team has never been to a super bowl. he's proud they're gofg experience of a tlichl. >> that is the most excite thing to look forward to. playing the game that. is a ball being kicked of. and working together, fighting and playing together. for a chance to win a championship. >> this is the last time he will hold a conference before heading out to new orleans and last time players can expect expectations. kicker aifd acres had a rough year. he says he's ready for atlanta. >> the team has faith in me. i'm going to go out and get everything i have. every time. >> vernon davis says players enjoy his personality. >> when you can relate to a coach like that, you can play ask joke, you can walk up to him, smack him on the butt. >> back up tight end says practice skmeerg thinking about go together first super bowl seems unreal.
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>> once getting to new orleans we start practicing outside of the box. it will start hitting us. >> offensive lineman says play who have been to the super bowl tell him it's a bit different. >> just little things you know? half time is longer. just stuff like that. little stuff. keeping you, getting you ready for not the normal game. >> not the normal game, indeed. 49ers will practice again here, tomorrow, saturday. and head off to new orleans on sunday. in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> thank you. mike shumann and i will be leaving for new orleans. and they won't let us on the team, playing but we tried. abc 7 news will be traveling along with us skb we'll be tweeting behind the scenes updates from bourbon street and will kufrt game as well. >> the shu's ring get it's own seat on the plane?
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>> still coming up tonight on abc 7 news a cloak at -- look at what an oil tanker did to the base of a bay bridge tower. you'll get a new appreciation. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt showing sprinkles moving into the north bai. i'll give you a look at that and the weekend forecast in just a moment. >> later tonight michael finney is helping trk a package crisscrossing the country for a month before the post office got it right. >> and an unusual alliance of technology and fitness. if you're trying to get back into shape there
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a woman trying to rescue her dog after it fell down a cliff today and then, she got stuck, too. this happened this afternoon at golden gate national recreation area. the woman loading up her dogs then noticed one of them was missing. turned out she'd gone 50 feet over the cliff. >> halfway down the mountain so i went down the mountain. and had to slide. waitdz too -- too sandy. couldn't get 10 feet from him. and had to come get both of us. >> after hanging on the side of the cliff about half an hour, gail and koa were pulled to safety. officials recommend if your dog goes after the cliff you'll probably get stuck, too. >> today we've got a first look at the repair work happening on the bay bridge and extent of the damage. abc 7 news is live for us.
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heather this video makes it easy to understand why this work is so involved and costly. >> yes. it's part of the bridge that is usually resofsh serve forward seals and occasional oil tanker. while standing here waiting to talk to you. live, this light show started on the bay bridge. so it would be an obvious omission here if we didn't talk about this for just a moment. this is a test that we believe is of this light show being billed at the largest light sculpture made out of l.e.d.lights and this is we believe is a test tonight. i will tell you that the fender repair is going on at the last pier before yerba buena island, being done by the same contractor who fixed
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an adjacent pier after the cosco busson accident. that is now coming in handy. damage steel, food and fender now sit on a large. on january 7th an oil tanker grazed td fender in the fog. the force strong enough to shear off fire glass rebar. saying it took the brunt of the course. >> these were designed when the bridge was built. so... you're talking about technology that is 80 years old. and it's done an excellent job of protecting the bridge. >> the fenders upper section made of treated wood. lower section replaced with what is calledded plastic lumber. >> what werk see was the
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fender system. and first order of business is get rid of the damaged wood. >> the work began tuesday, taking a week. but it will take longer, about four and a half nose complete the repairs. >> any time you're walking on water, it makes things difficult. >> the contractor says it's working on a new design for the replacement segment. wood no longer an option for the beams that held a top and bottom section together. >> this is generally not available. the wood leading to material into the bay. we prefer not to do that. >> we learned something else interesting about fenders today, rather, obvious.
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you probably won't think about it. in addition to protecting the pier, those fenders are protecting from sparks being generated. sparks and an oil tanker that is why this material is nonsparking, wood and plastic. on the embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> that makes sense. >> sky 7 hd live over the scene of a shooting in east oakland. the location east 12th street and 49th avenue. we'll bring you the latest on this as soon as we have more information. >> turning to the forecast now, weekend is here. spencer christian. >> looking nice its looking good. clear skies though we have a streak of moisture moving through the north bay now. here is a live view from our camera in emeryville.
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skis clearing and getting ready for cool, but plesants weekend coming our way. we'll look at live dop prer 7 hd now. we're mainly dry. a line of moisture in the atmosphere. no rofrts rain hitting the ground. petaluma, other than that, it's dry around the bay area. readings into upper 50s. 61 in san francisco and mountain view. there is still a slight chance of showers overnight, mainly in the north bay turning cooler and this will be with us into next week before we see a warm up. tonight not cold. lows into mid to upper 40s. here is a slight image showing approaching cold front. so it's not likely to produce much in the way of a shower.
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maybe isolated showers overnight. big change coming our way. starting with south bay tomorrow, partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies. high temperatures in upper 50s. 58 in campbell. main 60s, 56 in san mateo. downtown san francisco, you can expect a high of 56 tomorrow. up in the north bay, mainly mid-50s tomorrow, inching up to upper 50s in santa rosa. we'll see highs of 57 a piece and 58 in nappa. east bay, highs of 56 in berkeley. san leandro and 56 in livermore pleasanton, danville and pittsburgh. and near monterey bay. 59 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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once again just a slight chance of showers overnight. cooler7yjqqs;ñ$x
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sky 7 hd is over breaking news in oakland. this is where abc 7 news confirmed an officer was shot at this location just before 6:00 tonight. we know there is at least one gunshot wound. we don't have any word yet on his condition. we'll stay on top of this breaking news for you and bringing more information as soon as we have it. >> another mountain lion sighting. this picture taken by a camera in hills east of san jose. it was subly sized on the day jerry hill introduced a bill to protect these animals.
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this bill requiring department of fish and wildlife to try nonlethal methods when confronting a mountain lion that does not pose a threat to human autos the techniques work differently depending on other factors. is it in a tree sf on a fence? >> hill's bill came as the result of a december killing of two cubs in half moon bay. game wardens killed the little cubs while hiding under the porch of a home, no bigger than a large house cat. >> there is more still to come tonight at 6:00. just ahead a mandate from washington giving students with disabilities same chance to play sports as everyone else. >> a zip code mistake sends a package into an endless mailing cycle and no one can set it free. 7 on your side gets it delivered. >> and steve jobs movie. it's a hit but this clip turned one of the key
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characters into a film critic. >>
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u.s. department of education issued an order requiring every public school in america to include students with disabilities aafter school sports programs. every accommodation must be made to allow a student with a disability to with the team. the school must create another option if they do not meet the standards. >> just because you have a disability doesn't mean that you can't compete. it doesn't mean you can't be part of a team. and... those are aassumptions people have been taking. this is an opportunity for people to rethink how to make this work. >> berkeley's willerd middle school edge courages students to tryout for any sport. >> they treat me like a
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regular kid there isn't anything different about me except for my leg. i can deal with that. >> school districts that have seen cuts worry about what it will take and they say it's going to take time to sort it out. >> the end of a solid week on wall street dow jones gained another 70 points today. and a and p 500 logging it's best winning streak since 2004. apple shares fell today, lost nearly a quarter of the market value in just the past four months. apple again only the second most valuable company in the world over samsung. samsung says it's putting a lid on spending. apple is sinking net flix is soaring after a lead led, shares went up another $22 today to highest price in 16
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months. >> yahoo's next big move will will be to personalized the tablet. today, the chief executive told bloomberg news she hopes to take the company to the next level beyond facebook. >> i think that it will be one of the predominant platt forms. it's not just about writing down who your friends are, it's taking that and finding useful contebt telling me, do you know who sells? and being able to offer me the opportunity to offer this up to someone i did know would be here. >> film version of the steve jobs buy yog grfy made a debut today. it z.chronicles major
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milestones including one where he apparently had to convince his partner that personal computers would some day change the world. >> this is freedom to create and to do and to build and, it's artist, it's individual. >> your overreacting. if you're developing this for freaks like us, nobody wants to buy a computer, nobody. >> how does someone know what they want if they've never seen it?. >> woz woz describes the clip as inaccurate. he says the rest of the movie may be really g it opens on the 37th anniversary of the date they founded apple computer. >> rising star got a dose of recognition today, jimmy kimmel seen here on abc 7 was honored in the same way as dozens have been over the years. he's got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> it seems like there is a
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big turn out. it's really just family member that's work for him taking a smoke break. >> my parents brought me here to visit the walk of fame when i was 10 years old. i never imagined they'd leave me here to fend for myself. thank you, mom and dad for always being there, whether you're invited or not. >> his show has been on the air 10 year autos yes. he hasn't been as visible because now that changed. >> yes. >> trying to get back in shape? there is an app for that. >> coming up next, trainers >> coming up next, trainers and workers and their) 3 days og
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or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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we're following breaking news in oakland right now this, is the fruit veil district we've learned an officer was shot. our abc 7 news reporter is on the scene. she tells us he was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital this, is the second oakland police officer shot in the line of duty this week. the other officer shot on monday in the arm. >> all right. moving on, it's the season for breaking resolution autos a start up wants to help you
6:38 pm
keep them, putting a personal trainer in your pocket. >> he's probably very small. >> sam has a thing for being upside down. he only turns right side up when he has to walk into the next room and get some work done. this turns out you get something like this. >> forward kick. 20 reps. ready? go. there we go. >> you're looking at game fitness. an app designed to replicate down to finest detail experience of working out with a personal trainer. >> i've got someone here that are coaching me. they're making my form better. >> the engineer set out to film the app for it so he can stay in shape while traveling. there are now eight trainers
6:39 pm
you can buy and down load. with styles ranging from circus art. >> here we go. >> your body down to hover. >> that is the prerecorded voits to give encourage during the workout and also telling you when 45 seconds is over. >> you know, real trainer talks to you in a normal, flowing kind of way. getting an app to do that is tricky. >> that is where in other words come in and then, walking through them as if the trainer were there. >> saying keep your back straight two, three times. so you kind of -- it doesn't feel unnatural. >> if you don't think it can make you sweat just ask sam goldstein. >> after 13 minutes of test this, i was just drenched and
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it was awesome. >> that trx is serious business there. >> he's getting into shape. >> turning into wolverine. >> michael finney is up next. >> and tonight tracking a package
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every time you put something in the mail he know there is a chance it would get lost. >> a piece of mail got stuck in the negligenter world, a postal loop. michael finney is here to track it down. >> problem started when computer coding says one thing and hand written address said something different. the mail is sent into oblivion. it happen to this package. we helped set it free. >> roger toms from san francisco likes to take picture was his boxesy camera
6:44 pm
from the 190s. the kinld you peer into with a hood over your head. >> you have a lot of resolution and can make very nice prints. >> however, roger didn't have the right lens to take tick pic tours from a distance. when a collector offered one for $65 roger snapped it up. >> it began a long process of that. >> why is he laugh something. >> it's all about what happened after the seller mailed the lens in massachusetts. >> it got stuck in the postal sits system started to go back and forth. >> a clerk put the wrong coding on the mailing label saying it was going to boston. the hand written address said to san francisco. so... you can imagine the state of confusion that resulted. >> so efrk is auto maigs these day autos he says the package
6:45 pm
was trapped in an endless loop. every time it arrived in san francisco, the post office scanned it and sent it back to boston. roger tracking it online. it crisscrossed the country. it went from boston to new hampshire, out to san francisco, then, back to boston again. and it just kept going into the same circle for nearly a month. >> it started to wonder how long is this going to go on? is it going to stop? >> roger contacted postal service and he says no one knew how to stop sending the box back to boston. >> they said just wait. if it doesn't get delivered after five days give us a call back. >> it didn't and post office told him to wait. instead, he contacted 7 on your side. >> a concern is that it's going to be a at that timered mess. that beat up broken lens inside of it we contacted the
6:46 pm
postal service and folks there came up with a plan to rescue the box from that cycle. >> they intercepted it and said we've got the package. it's on this flight. as soon as it gets to san francisco, grab it they did. roger picked it up and found it tucked inside. >> happy ending. >> this is very exciting. i was very happy. >> package had to be intercepted. there is no guarantee. postal service says this is rare. that is how companies can tell us what is going on. we can jump in to try to grab it yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> turning to forecast now. >> yes. spencer christian back. >> live doppler 7 now tracking a little bit of moisture that
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we can find in the north bay moving into napa county now. a line of moisture towards st. helena. we don't know of any of this is hitting the ground now. that little bit of moisture is something are worth looking at. weng have a shower or two overnight. high temperatures mid to upper 50s tomorrow heerk is the accu-weather forecast. dry weather coming our way. only into mid-50s foremost of the bay area. middle of the week, by the end of the week high temperatures up around 60 degrees. >> nice. >> thank you. >> okay. >> time for sports. and more 49er autos can't get enough. >> no. we can't. >> jim harbaugh know what's he's up against, we go back to the first meeting happening to occur in the backfield. and that is
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breaking news, sky 7 hd over the scene. laura anthon gee on the scene of this shooting.
6:51 pm
>> hi carolyn. we've just arrived here and i can tell what you is going on. we can see i talked to opd. they say they have one officer shot in the leg during some sort of altercation here down on the street. he's in stable condition. sky 7 around the area of 49th avenue. down here on the ground and got two cars into a restaurant supply here. police tell me they'll still trying to figure out if this may have started with a car chase, then an altercation farther down the street. we'll have more for you later tonight on abc 7 news. live in oakland, abc 7. >> thank you oo. let's move on to sports now. >> 49ers, collin kaepernick. how will he react when he sees an intimidating player in ravens history in super bowl 47 in niners coach thinks
6:52 pm
he'll do just fine. he know what's it's like to face lewis back into the archives we go. the first came against harbaugh. we've got 41 and a half career sacks. when harbaugh made the switch he envisioned kap poised enough to handle this moment. >> for his success, you know the kind of young man his parents raised. it's a good time. and his teammates have done so much for him. they're the ones that protect him. and defense gets the ball back for him. >> and what he r do they have in common? both eliminated from playoff dhz year. and despite winning in the
6:53 pm
last five seasons, he has never been considered a key quarterback. flako has got a message for him. >> i really don't care. you know? there are guy that's have to make a living. and if that is going to be me, i plan on being around for a while. if you want to continue to do it, i'll be here. >> interesting. the warriors were in chick tonight. a lot of people wondering how seth curry would react after being snubbed in all star slexz yesterday. kurt hinrick playing like an all star tonight unstoppable in the first half, up 31-13 after the first quarter no, better for warriors in the second quarter, little nate, wow. bank is open. bulls up by as many as 26. warriors getting back night. seth curry splashed, then david lee with two of the 19 first half points. warriors down 13 at the half.
6:54 pm
to the sharks looking good, they won their first three games scored 15 goals this, week added depth by signing sandra scott gomez, he's got 169 career goals and learning about the new teammates. >> a couple guys use extra light ranch. ways shocked about that. and one guy likes his steak rare. little stuff like that, you don't skpeekt second round of the farmer's insurance open in la jolla. tiger is atopt leader board this week. second shot on the second hole and a seven under par, 65. and this is another birdie. tiger leading by two shots is
6:55 pm
still under par. highs man trophy winner johnny mansel for a football into the basketball hoop. and it goes like that. it's a little bit dark. we'll track it here. >> okay. >> there are guys celebrating. funny stuff with graphics now f it's real, it's johnny mansel's world. we're just breathing his oxygen right now. >> that is impressive. >> but it's a little too dark. >> i will take care that have. >> that will come up. yes. >> also... at that time, twitter march from quirky flejling to high-plying business. new company. then, at 11:00 here on abc 7 unusual direction apple could be heading and products that could help you put your best
6:56 pm
foot forward. jimmy kimmel live airs at 11:35. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. from all of us, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later. >> yes. at 9:00. >> and 11:00. >> right.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a nonprofit communications coordinator originally from terryville, connecticut... a server originally from owensboro, kentucky... and our returning champion, a tv-news producer originally from south coffeyville, oklahoma... now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. do the math, folks. $40,006 divided by two, averaging $20,003 per win. lauren and sean, good luck to you today.
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pick up those signaling devices. here we go. the jeopardy! round begins now as we reveal these categories. joshua, start. let's start at at the website of the cabinet dept. for $200, please. sean. what is the department of state? no. lauren. what is the defense department? you are right. cabinet dept. for $400. lauren. what is education? yes. cabinet for $600.


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